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Stone Soup Group unites writers and speakers at every level, from aspirational to expert, with globally recognized speaker and bestselling author Mark Matteson, and New York Times bestselling editor and ghostwriter Jason Liller. Together, Mark and Jason share their knowledge and expertise to elevate the entire Stone Soup Group community to higher levels of success.

The key is to align your Message.  Your book is your speech, your speech is your book!  Speakers who have a best selling book increase their income by 50-100%!

The real question...

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Whether you’re speaking to the neighborhood Rotary or delivering a keynote to an audience of thousands, Stone Soup Group will help you hone your skills to communicate your message with power and passion, and command top dollar on the platform.


Do you dream of being a published author? Are you already published and want to refine your craft? Stone Soup Group gives you the tools and the community you need to maximize your skills and take your writing to the next level.

Entrepreneurs & CEOs

Public speaking skills enhance any career, and publishing a book will establish your credibility and expertise in a way that nothing else can. Combine the two and become an unstoppable advocate for yourself and your business.

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Regardless of where you find yourself, Mark and Jason will help writers become speakers and speakers become authors, maximizing every ounce of your potential.

“You will never have to walk alone again...”

Stone Soup Group

About the Founders

Mark Matteson is a gifted raconteur and Keynote speaker, Seminar Leader, MC and is one of those rare professionals who can captivate an audience in minutes with self-effacing humor, interaction and tailored stories that inspire transformation and change.  If you are looking to improve morale, increase sales, build a team or give your employees tools for change that work, Mark is your guy.  He has attracted organizations like Microsoft, t-mobile, John Deere, Conoco-Phillips, Aflac, New York Mutual Life and other Fortune 500 companies on three continents. If you are looking for a Keynote, Seminar, Workshop, or Webinar that will “Edu-Tain” look no further.

Jason Liller is an editor, writer, ghostwriter, consultant, and US Air Force veteran with over twenty-five years of experience in bookselling and publishing. He works with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and writers at every level of expertise, including New York Times bestselling authors like Ken Blanchard, Bob Burg, Mark Sanborn, and Jim Stovall, turning first-draft manuscripts into fully realized books that have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. One was even adapted into a major motion picture.  Jason lives with his family in a home stockpiled with caffeine, dog treats, and zillions of books.